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Have you ever had the experience of dropping by a friend’s house and being so relieved to see that she, too, has a vase full of drying paintbrushes and dandelions on her windowsill instead of a photo-ready peony display?

We’ve all been there. It isn’t so much about the comparison. It’s just seeing into someone else’s life and realizing they’re a real person, too. Well, that’s kind of what I hope this blog is for you—a look into someone else’s everyday life, and depending on the day, a relief or an encouragement.


Often it seems like I spend the majority of my time trying to keep my kids clothed, occupied in the least destructive way possible, and not disgustingly filthy, and then the rest of my time wondering how anyone with toddlers keeps a clean house and everyone fed. That really feels like the entirety of my day sometimes.

But, like most stay-at-home moms, I have lots of interests that I don’t tap into on a daily basis. My parents and my liberal arts education both cultivated an enduring curiosity in the world, in people, history, religion, and politics. I read and occasionally can connect with someone for a stimulating conversation, but that certainly isn’t routine. I love making things—cooking new meals, creating beauty or fun around me with crafts and decor. I consider study of the Bible, prayer, and reflection to be important (among many) disciplines for following Christ. And yet, the time and energy for all that always seems to lag behind my goals.

Too often, we’re all traveling about in our own little spheres—trying to improve this, looking for a solution to that, feeling awesome about this accomplishment, thinking hard thoughts about that issue, or feeling utterly defeated about yet another failure. Sometimes it is very helpful to get advice from someone who seems to have it all figured out. But sometimes it’s even more helpful to see that there’s someone else who is right there in the trenches with you.

So, what will you find here exactly? A little bit of my everyday. Some of the thoughts and reflections that mill around my head—on parenting, following Christ, living in this world, or whatever else comes along. And because I can’t stand deep thoughts all day long, I’ll break things up with a few of my favorite recipes, with an occasional craft or home decor project.

Will the world stop turning without my oh-so-brilliant thoughts and ideas out there? Certainly not. Just like your life would certainly go on if you never knew your friend had dirty paintbrushes and dead flowers in her vase. But sometimes, it’s just nice to know someone else is out there—living and thinking, struggling and surviving—right along with you. From a glance at a friend’s menu board to overhearing someone express gratitude to God or share the great article they just read—these small and fairly insignificant bits of life help us see things a little differently. We develop and expand our experiences through little things like this, as well as the major life events.

All that to say—thanks for stopping by! I so appreciate the opportunity to share with you and I hope you’ll join in the conversation.

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