Autumn’s Embers

Each season brings its own unique beauty and delights, especially all the subtle changes in the in between. (I’ll be honest—the season of February through March in this region holds the fewest delights; if any of you have discovered those, let me in on the secret. Besides telling me to move to Texas. I already know that one.)

But this tail end of autumn has its own enchantments. I was back at my childhood home over Thanksgiving and got to tromp around the cold, muddy backyard, field, and woods around there with my girls. I love showing them all the little details of nature (and I’m glad that, at least so far, they enjoy it!).

I also love looking at it all through a camera. There’s so much to take in—a camera helps me see the beautiful little things around me, even if they’re decaying.

So, here are a few of my glimpses of the last bits of autumn—embers of color quickly turning to ash with the approach of winter and snow.

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