A Mother’s Prayer

Oh, Lord—I love this child so much. She is such a joy to me. Her enthusiasm, wide-eyed wonder, and tender heart are so precious.

When she turns to me, to share her little delights and troubles, I am so grateful to be her beloved Mommy.

But, as much as I enjoy her, I do not—and cannot—wish to retain her childish love and dependence on me. My goal is not that she love me more as she grows older, but that she loves You more—and grows to need me and my love less and less.

You have entrusted her to me, to guide and teach. I play a role in the direction these little feet go. Help me to always take care to steward her soul for You.

Although I pray that she would continue to hold me in esteem and love me dearly as she grows older, that’s not my goal in raising her. Her purpose as a daughter is not to satisfy my desires for love and respect.

When I say, “I surrender all,” that means ALL. When I say I want my children to know You, to love You, to serve YOU, that means at any cost to myself.  

Help me to raise my children with their highest good in mind—and You are that good—and letting go of any selfishness I have toward them.



2 thoughts on “A Mother’s Prayer

    1. Thanks! There are plenty of other things to pray for our children, as well, but I really realized one day that I needed to remember this point. And I thought some other mamas out there might, too!

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