Why “A Snapdragon of the Field”?

I tell you, do not worry. Don’t worry about your life and what you will eat or drink. And don’t worry about your body and what you will wear. Isn’t there more to life than eating? Aren’t there more important things for the body than clothes? Look at the birds of the air. They don’t plant or gather crops. They don’t put away crops in storerooms. But your Father who is in heaven feeds them. Aren’t you worth much more than they are? Can you add even one hour to your life by worrying?
“And why do you worry about clothes? See how the wild flowers grow. They don’t work or make clothing. But here is what I tell you. Not even Solomon in all his royal robes was dressed like one of these flowers. If that is how God dresses the wild grass, won’t he dress you even better? Your faith is so small! After all, the grass is here only today. Tomorrow it is thrown into the fire. So don’t worry. Don’t say, ‘What will we eat?’ Or, ‘What will we drink?’ Or, ‘What will we wear?’ People who are ungodly run after all those things. Your Father who is in heaven knows that you need them. But put God’s kingdom first. Do what he wants you to do. Then all those things will also be given to you. So don’t worry about tomorrow. Tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

Matthew 6:25-34 NIRV

Why a "snapdragon of the field"?


Okay, so snapdragons may not exactly be wildflowers, but they are my favorite flowers. Dimension, vivid color, textural interest. And the name! It’s got some life, some bite to it. I love it.*

But most importantly, like a snapdragon (or a lily or wildflower or what have you), I’m learning how to grow and live today in the bounteous grace and provision of my Lord.

I value and place importance on frugality and moderation, as well as taking care of the resources and lives God has given into my care. I believe that Christ modeled these virtues and calls us to practice them in our own lives. But they are not an end in of themselves.

As a stay-at-home wife and mom, I could spend all my time and energy researching, organizing, budgeting, buying, preparing, cleaning—all necessary and important pieces to our life—but also not what I want controlling and defining me. I’m trying each day to work and enjoy the good things of life without letting those gifts or the pursuit of good things become an idol.

What is of primary importance? I am called to “put God’s kingdom first” and do what he wants me to do—to stay in communion and connection with my Lord today, to listen and obey, and see His Kingdom here. And yes—most days, my work is changing diapers, preparing meals, doing laundry, and kissing grubby little faces. But this is the work He has set before me now, not what gives my life it’s meaning. As amazing and difficult as it is for me to grasp sometimes, I am, first and foremost, a dearly beloved child of God.

So, please join me while I strive to feed and clothe my family, all while remembering that our Father in Heaven knows (even better than I do) what we need and that I can trust Him.

*As a side note: I also really like sweet peas, but to be honest, I’m no sweet pea—no lily or prim little rosebud here. I tend to snap now and again with a fiery burst of temper or a flare of strong emotion, so…snapdragon it is. Thanks be to God, His grace meets me right where I am.

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