Paleo Impossible Pie packs a nutritional punch into a delicious, one-pan meal with egg, broccoli, hamburger, and sweet potato.

Paleo Impossible Pie

Paleo Impossible Pie is one of my favorite simple meals to make. With countless varieties and possible combinations, this one-pan dish is a great way to easily get your veggies in without having to prepare them as a separate side dish. I grew up loving my mom’s Bisquick™ Impossible Hamburger Pie (or broccoli or cauliflower…you get the idea). This frittata …

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Paleo Apple Cake

YOU GUYS! I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS! Okay. I’ll stop yelling now. But I’m seriously really excited. It’s a dessert. It totally tastes like dessert to me. But it’s healthy!

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French Toast Scramble

I love eggs. Let’s just get that out of the way first. Some people complain about how boring it is to eat eggs for breakfast. I could seriously eat them every day (and I practically do!). But even I will admit that switching between sunny side up, scrambled, hard-boiled, and even occasionally poached gets old after a while.

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